Meat Locker




Adam A7 Studio Monitors

M-Audio Studio Monitors

Yamaha HS8 Monitors

Axiom 25 Midi Controler

Computer-- Core 2 Quad Processor,  Dual Hard drive, 4 Gig Ram

Computer--- Core i7 Processor, 8 cores, Dual Hard drive, 2 Tigabite hardrives,  8 Gig Ram

Digidesign 003 Control Board

Focusrite Octopre

Tascam 2488 (For live Recordings)

Rhode Vocal Mike

Ev Vocal Mike

Sure Sm 57's

Akg Mikes

Mxl Mikes

Gad Drum Mikes

Gnx2 Guitar processor

V-amp Rack Guitar processor

Lexicon MPX 200 Processor

Tube mp preamps


Tube Rack Preamps

Tube mp studio preamp

Samson 1000w powered live mixing board

Computer with 4 Gigs

Comuter with 8 Gigs i7 Processor

Pro Tools 11

Wave Lab 7

Headphone amps


Vocal Booth

Full (White Anniversary Model) 100 Watt Marshal Stack

Crate stereo amp

Acoustic Guitar

M-Audio 88 key - keyboard midi controller

88 Key Midi Keyboard

Tama Full Drum Kit