We Accept Cash, Money orders and Checks

$35.00 per hour for recording, editing, mixing and mastering.


20 hr. block--- $640.00


40 hr. block--- $1200.00


Contact us to set up a free studio tour and pre-production meeting. We can help you plan your next project and get the best possible recording.


Let Us Master Your Own Pre Recorded Music

Number of Songs
Rate per Song
2 - 5
6 - 10
11 - 15
16 - 20

Please send to us the stereo 2-track mixdown file. It should be in either .WAV or .AIF format. Please do not include any 2-track compression or dithering in the files.



What Do I Do With My Project After I Record?

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                400 MP3 Sites
                500 Misc. Resources
                8000 Total Contacts

                Plus 39 Music-Related Articles
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